Salda Lake, Up to 196 meters depth and the deepest lake in Turkey.

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Salda Lake, Up to 196 meters depth and the deepest lake in Turkey.
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Lake Salda, Burdur Yesilova district, 4 km from the center of town. away from the forest-covered hills, small alluvial plains surrounded by rocky terrain and a mild salt-tectoniclake. In the Lakes region. Surface area of ​​approximately 44 square kilometers. Up to 196 meters depth and the deepest lake in Turkey.

Ferruginous contained in significant numbers during the winter months, and the vertical tail pochard ducks take part in the Salda Lake, provides wetlands of international importance. Larch forests, and beaches are surrounded by Contour. Protected Natural Area in 1989 granted the status of the lake.

Water is clean and beautiful views of the turquoise color, as well as the area southwest and southeast coasts of the small beaches for recreation floats.

Salda Lake, about 60 km from the province of Burdur. located in the west. Turkey’s deepest, cleanest and clearest lake known as features. 1140 m above sea level. ‘Dir.

Magnesium composition of lake water, soda and clay have beneficial results in the treatment of some skin diseases cause. According to research conducted by experts inthe lake water is good for acne. The remaining forest cover at the back of the lake,partridge, rabbit, fox, wild boar, the lake is home to the wild ördeklerine.

Salda Lake road

Seven white island in the lake began to be the withdrawal of the waters of the lake adds to the beauty of another beauty.
Yesilova east of the lake district, southwest Salda, Kayadibi park is located in thenorthwest and northeast Doğanbaba.For 20 years, the lake level has been a retreat 3-4 meters. He currently continues toretreat.

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